Saturday, February 8, 2014

Do I Enter All the Giveaways Every Day?

Ha Ha Ha! I do what I can and just enjoy the rest of my day! I watch Carter during the week while Amy is at work and some days - we spend more time playing than napping. LOL I try to get up early to do my post of giveaways that end that day and I try to get one last entry in on them before Carter comes in and the laptop goes away.

I find that it's easy to get the entries in while I watch some TV at night when it's peaceful. The entries really don't take a lot of thought and it only takes one entry to win anything! Unlike the lottery, this doesn't cost you anything! Yes, there are sites that you can join to get bigger lists and more opportunities, but I find I do better just putting in a few extra entries. When I have time, I may glance through a few listings and see if there are any extra I can enter, but most of the time, these giveaways are more than enough for me.

I do keep my own list because I want to make sure I don't void an entry by entering one again that I already entered before. I don't pay to do this - but I do actually make a little money by throwing some ads up on my free blog. Anyway, do what you can and enjoy life. When you win, at least when I win, even if it's a small win, I get really excited. LOL When a package comes, if Amy is home, she still looks at me like a little kid - can I open it? LOL

Now, go have a great day. Stay warm and good luck with your entries!